Thursday, June 6, 2013

Readers Respond to GIA Review

I received three responses to my review of GIA (published in The News and Record on May 1. See

Dorothy Peters wrote: "My husband and I have eaten at Gia 3 times and had an excellent experience each time. In fact I always remark that it’s like a “NYC” restaurant. Food is excellent, very reasonably priced, service has been outstanding. We enjoy smaller portions and choosing what we want to go together. Twice we have eaten in the ‘library’ and thought that was especially nice. What I’m saying is our experiences have been exactly the opposite of yours.")

Maria Best chastised me for a misidentification of bird anatomy, but then added, "Thanks to you,I went to Gia's,had the Chicken"Lollipops",and they were delicious! I look forward to your next column, maybe I'll find another fab place to eat! Thanks.")

Michael Williams sent the following: "I have been a fan of Gia since day one. As a frequent traveler to Europe, I find this to be very authentic. I didn't see much Mediterranean influence in the dishes, nor do I find any confusion on the type of restaurant it is. It is unique which is what I like about it. You won't find this authenticity in Raleigh or in Charlotte. You can come in and enjoy this type of food after midnight. Who else in Greensboro offers this? Overall I found your review to be a bit unfair. I have wanted a place like this in, not just Greensboro, but in North Carolina for a very long time. I suggest your next visit you approach Gia for what it is. Gia. Eat. Drink. Listen. It is not billed as tapas or anything else."

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