Monday, November 7, 2016

Sweet Potatoes

No, not the ones you bake and eat, the name of the restaurant in Winston-Salem (529 North Trade Street, 27101, 336-727-4844). They cook real Southern, all fresh ingredients, the way your grandmother would have cooked if she had been really skilled. Recently had Fried Chicken Livers, Fried Okra, Shrimp and Grits, Baked Chicken. This became a personal favorite when I was reviewing for the Winston-Salem Journal.

25 Definitive New Orleans Restaurants by Steven Wells Hicks

This is a book that I wish I could have written. Hicks is intimately familiar with all the restaurants he writes about. Reading his commentaries are a lot like going to dinner with a friend who knows the food, even knows the staff, will probably see friends there. I wish I had read it before my last trip to New Orleans. In a city known for its food, New Orleans has joined most other big cities as hit or miss, at least in my experiences. I've had mediocre meals in some of the most illustrious restaurants. Hicks' book could have saved me some culinary disappointments! Highly recommended.