Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ruddy Duck's in Morehead City

Dinner recently at Ruddy Ducks's on the waterfront in Morehead City. This is Fabian Botta's restaurant. He earned fame decades ago at The Tack Room, then later at Louisiana Purchase in Banner Elk, in the mountains. Ruddy Duck's is casual, with a wide ranging, value priced menu, augmented by specials that often reflect Botta's native Argentina. I had an empanada appetizer, for example- ground beef, onions, peppers, in a great, hand-folded and pressed crust. I was taking photos for my new book, Chefs of the Coast (publication date April 1, 2015), so my wife and I covered several other dishes as well, especially seafoods. This is a real gem! Highly recommended.

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