Thursday, December 20, 2018

Elm Street Grill

Bill O'Neil sent a note regarding my review of Elm Street Grill, published in The News and Record on December 6:

Your latest review 'batchelorized' Elm St Grill Friday.
My wife and I had to sit at the bar for dinner... heard the owner tell someone they had 125 customers for lunch.
Unfortunately, the restaurant was understaffed and couldn't properly handle the crowd. We will try again since it's in the neighborhood.

I've been back twice since the review appeared, and they seem to have settled down now.

Mid-week is great for discount dining, if you are a wine fan. They provide half price discounts on Wednesday, bottles and by the glass. Had a bottle of Trefethen Double T red blend last night (December 19) for $18!!!!

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