Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Taco Mama

Had dinner at Taco Mama (2168 Lawndale Drive, Greensboro 27408, 336-790-1987, tacomamaonline.com), a very casual, college neighborhood feeling sort of place. You order and pay at counter, then they deliver to your table. It's a chain/franchise operation that started in Alabama.

It's a no-risk experience. A long list of margaritas made me indecisive. Server said, "No problem." I told them I just wanted a simple, traditional margarita, not one of the fancy variations on the list. "Try this," she replied, handing me a little taste. The frozen margaritas come out of machines that constantly stir the ingredients. I did not like them. Everybody at my table identified a chemical aftertaste. So we all opted for beer, and that's easy to choose. (They had also provided a little taste of the wines.)

But we did like the food. It's simple and inexpensive. Deliveries come out fast. I got The Hippie Fisherman, a burrito filled with flounder, shrimp, ancho chile slaw, avocado chunks, tomatoes, and a poblano pepper tartar sauce. My wife tried the ground chorizo sausage tacos, and we both really liked those. Thin chips, not heavily salted, and tomato salsa round out the servings.

I'll go back on occasion to try other things. Taco Mama seems to be a good choice for an inexpensive, casual meal. 

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