Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Where do people get restaurant information?

I receive occasional communications from readers and friends who share my devotion to good food and good restaurants. One that I regard as important came from Jerry Weston, an unindicated co-conspirator who often dines with my wife and me.  He writes:

    My Book Club has a social dinner twice a year.  Members are retired educators, computer people, and other professionals, singles as well as couples, all educated at least through college.  I am often surprised with their dining choices, particularly considering that several of them travel extensively.  Most talk about “how wonderful the food” was on their trips.
    Finding a location for our dinners is always a problem.  Not many places have a private room or a dining area that offers privacy.
    I talked them into Mark’s for last week’s social.  Out of about 12 people, at least half had never heard of Mark’s and only one had ever dined there!  They mention Salvino, “good food but not really Italian,” a favorite upscale restaurant for them.
    I suggested Mark’s upstairs as a “private” place.  Anna [Jerry’s wife] and I enjoyed a glass of wine, a beer, duck breast, wild boar chop, one dessert and two coffees - $122.95 including gratuity – and I did not think the cost unreasonable for the meal, service, and ambience.
    We had Book Club Sunday evening.  EVERY person raved about the food!  How can so many well-educated and well-travelled people not know about a restaurant that brings raves?
    I mentioned to Mark the lack of knowledge of Mark’s by the group.  I had no suggestion for what he could do to acquaint patrons with his restaurant.  I have noted in recent months that he is advertising a coupon on one of the email sites.

    My thoughts: With characteristic well-restrained modesty, I would submit that broader restaurant knowledge was more common when more people subscribed to The News and Record and I had a weekly column.  I think most people get their information these days from online posts that anyone can write, which I find almost worthless. My new column in Yes! Weekly appears the first Wednesday in every month, and I will be posting regularly in this blog. So, keep in touch for best restaurant news!
   Where do you get your information about restaurants? Where do you think others get theirs?

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